Regenerative agriculture – the Holy Grail of nature-based solutions

According to the International Union for Nature Conservation itself, which launched the very concept of nature-based solutions, agriculture is the most important issue and the biggest opportunity for nature-based solutions in our days. By now we know that with the methods of regenerative agriculture it is possible to multiply the amount of soil organic matter […]

From the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy to Urban Greening Plans

How the EU is Legislating for Nature Restoration in Cities? In the last couple of years, increased attention has been paid to environmental challenges in the European Union’s agenda. Part of this is an increased focus on biodiversity and related issues, such as nature restoration. For example, the European Green Deal aims to utilise natural […]

Breaking the glass ceiling: NBS water retention is becoming a horizontal principle IN policies

Unexpected and dramatic precipitation events become everyday struggles as the effects of climate change can be felt more and more on our skin. Managing the response to this phenomenon requires multilevel and interdisciplinary effort from cities, regions, countries and transnational systems likewise. In this broad horizon, we investigated the coordination role of municipalities with regards […]

From Living Labs to Societally Conscious Manufacturing: The Case of Eindhoven

This month, we talked to Wim de Kinderen, who works for the Brussels Office of Brainport Eindhoven. This interview will cover a lot from living labs to mixing technical and social innovation, from regenerating a region through triple-helix economic initiatives to 3D printing. However, there is an underlying theme here: how economic development can be […]

Circular water treatment in large-scale buildings – a good practice technology guide

At BURST we already started diving into the topic of sustainable water management: we brought you a material discussing comprehensive solutions to the global water crisis in theory, and also interviewed a research organisation on the palette of nature based solutions for managing water scarcity and on the prospects of using them in the public […]

Moving forward with the power of art

The above sentence is the slogan of the ForwArt project of Tilburg city, which ambitions to make art as the source of empowerment and development. Indeed, this Urban Innovative Action project offers young people growing up in the area of Tilburg Nord a better future by unfolding their talents, by widening their opportunities, and supporting […]