New European Bauhaus


BURST’ s motivation to be part of NEB Community

  • Sharing knowledge within the multi-disciplinary community of partners
  • Taking my activities to the next level by working together with others from the multi-disciplinary community of partners
  • Gaining visibility
  • Being able to better inform my local community about what the New European Bauhaus is
  • Being able to better help my local community to apply for funding related to the New European Bauhaus
  • Being able to better help local stakeholders near me to be part of the New European Bauhaus movement and integrate its values

Interest in working with partners

As an official partner of the New European Bauhaus initiative, BURST is interested in sharing knowledge and best practices within the multi-disciplinary/cross-sectoral community of European partners to get inspiration for future NEB-inspired projects that can be shared within our central/eastern European partner networks. Moreover, BURST hopes to take our organisation’s activities to the next level by working together with others from the multi-disciplinary community of partners to become of one of the leading ambassadors of NEB within central and eastern Europe. Ultimately, BURST is a catalyser of novelty and innovation within our targeted regions, and we are eager to learn and adapt successful NEB projects into the Hungarian/eastern European contexts to better the sustainable development practices of our communities.


As a partner of NEB, BURST would like to organise the following activities: 

  • Share NEB related news and information on all our social media pages. BURST is active on both LinkedIn, Facebook, and the TEAMHUB (a website operated by BURST in Hungary as part of the European NBS network) as well as at international NBS events. 
  • BURST would also initiate new projects for the Danube and Central Europe transnational programmes focusing on adaptation of the NEB concept and approach by creating an enabling environment and educating the larger society and policy makers on the operation of the NEB triangle (sustainability, inclusion, and aesthetic value) within urban development strategies. 
  • As a response to the visible knowledge gap regarding NEB amongst national, regional, and local authorities, BURST would organise info-days and master classes together with our central and local government partners (relevant ministries, MA’s, Intermediary bodies, municipalities) all over Hungary.


Volunteering time; Volunteering know-how, knowledge
If selected to assist as a sponsor, BURST plans to: – define/fine-tune the project thematic framework by shaping objectives (both general and specific), structuring work packages, defining result indicators, and advising on partnership composition – advise on funding opportunities (mapping relevant EU programmes, clarifying rules, conditions of participation etc.) – support partner searches in case of collaborative project (more specifically, BURST has a large data-base of partners involved in more than 200 projects that were designed and successfully implemented by us)


Petra Horogh