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affordable housing for ALL



Although safe and decent housing should be a basic right, there are many people living without adequate housing in Budapest today. People with housing difficulties not only have to live with physical hardship, but also with social stigma, which further degrades their quality of life. We are changing this with the European Union-funded AHA project, which aims to provide quality and stable housing to people in need and to shape the attitudes of the Budapest population towards housing poverty and vulnerability – in collaboration with eight partner organisations. 

The project aims to improve housing affordability and security for at least 70 people in at least 50 households. The main expected results are:

– 26 families will join the pilot project to convert a disused public building into social rented housing;

– 30 households will be experimented with flexible housing, through housing exchange programmes.



1. Early warning system – 01 November 2024

Launch of the AHA Early Warning System


2. AHA Helpdesk – 01 January 2025

Opening of the AHA Helpdesk with trained social workers


3. First tenants move in – 01 April 2026

First tenants move into the renovated building


4. Financial model – 01 January 2027

We publish the financial model of the renovated building, the Demo Hub



  • Municiplaity of Budapest (Main Urban Authority)
  • Budapest Brand
  • NART Architects Studio
  • Popcode
  • From Streets to Homes! Association
  • Metropolitan Research Institute
  • Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre Foundation
  • Hungarian Energy Efficency Institute


BURST is the leader for “Financial and operational sustainability of the Integrated Social Housing Service Model” workpackage. Coordinates activities for setting up and operating a cooperation platform between the Municipality of Budapest and the private sector (business and finance).

We will develop the AHA business and scaling-up
plan and provide continuous content and process support to BB communication team.

We support the internal capitalization, dissemination, knowledge sharing and knowladge sharing. 

We are facilitate and moderates exchange with transfer cities and helps generate knowledge from other EU cities and beyond.


Petra Madaras-Horogh

+36 20 269 9717


03/2024 – 08/2027