the Hungarian NetworkNature Hub for Nature-based Solutions



Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are “solutions that are inspired and supported by nature, which are cost-effective, simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience”. Within the framework of the NetworkNature project – funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme -, national and regional NbS hubs across EU Member States have been set up to promote the uptake of NbS across ecosystems. TeAM Hub*, as the Hungarian Hub, coordinated by BURST, was launched in 2022.

*TeAM is an abbreviation of the Hungarian term for Nature-based Solutions, i.e. Természet-Alapú Megoldások



The HUb was established by a cooperation agreement of four initial HUb participants, i.e.


BURST Nonprofit Ltd. was appointed by the HUb participants as the Coordinator of the HUb. In this role, the Coordinator is responsible for steering and guiding the operation of the HUb, while other initial HUb participants support the Coordinator in ensuring operation of the HUb and contribute to the implementation of its activities based on jointly agreed task-sharing arrangements.

Vision and goals

TeAM HUb aims to establish a professional community of organisations and individuals committed to the widespread dissemination of nature-based solutions in Hungary. Main objectives are:


  • fostering multi-level, vertical & horizontal collaboration in NbS actions between cities, regions, and national level governments within Hungary, as well as cooperation within the EU
  • mapping and seeking EU and national co-funding opportunities for the preparation, implementation and wide-scale dissemination of nature-based solutions
  • sharing NbS policy recommendations, reports, case studies, technical implementation guidance and other information related to financing, stakeholder engagement and lessons learnt
  • involving the general public in NbS actions, through regional or national events


Activities of the HUb shall result in enhanced multi-level collaboration for scaling-up the application of NbS, including government, municipalities, professional organisations within Hungary as well as similar entities of other EU Member States.


The HUb conducts activities that contribute to the specific objectives, i.e. raising awareness, building capacities and generating projects for the wider-scale application of NbS as follows:

  • knowledge sharing, by establishing a dedicated subpage on the NetworkNature platform and regularly updating it with new contents;
  • professional community building via various tools, e.g. operating a Facebook page, attending public events, organising working meetings, etc.;
  • joint initiatives identified together with TeAM HUb stakeholders, e.g. projects, trainings, workshops, capacity building actions.


TeAM HUb targets stakeholders and partners in Hungary, therefore our online platforms and activities are mainly in Hungarian language.


Advisors are a core group of stakeholders who have substantial role in the promotion of nature-based solutions at the policy level, e.g. experts of line ministries and government agencies being responsible for climate adaptation, urban- and rural development, spatial planning, water management, disaster management, construction and building sector, public health and the coordination and management of EU funds; universities and knowledge organisations and key representatives of practitioners (i.e. planners and engineers).

Knowledge providers are any public or private organisations or individuals, who have a proven track-record in the promotion, development, implementation and maintenance of nature-based solutions, e.g. municipalities / municipal service companies, practitioners (e.g. planners, engineers, landscape architects, ecologists, etc.), educational organisitions, civil society organisations, etc.

Followers are any organisations and individuals interested in the Hub’s activities.



Németh Mónika