Cultural Urban Platform to nurture creativity and fight digital loneliness



Isolation, a major stress factor in itself, turns into digital loneliness when amplified by digital communication: an illusion of companionship obscuring degraded social contacts and skills, often leading to mental problems and poor cognitive performance. Culture and creative activities on the other hand decrease social isolation and have major potential in mental well-being and endurance.

CUP 4 CREATIVITY develops a complex, versatile and adaptable Cultural Urban Platform, lowers access barriers and integrates actors into a cultural community engaged in active consumption, creation and community-sourced activities. Fighting digital loneliness with culture through advanced technologies is a concept never tested on urban level. It revolutionizes the perception of urban culture and introduces creative activities as valid forms of regular mental training, replicating the recent success of the body fitness movement. It also introduces participation-based operation and financing, and spreads cultural activities to non-conventional venues.

The platform combines a complex IT solution with physical facilities approximating high-end culture, new media art and immersion in creative activities; a pipeline of community-sourced initiatives and a business case serving operation, sustainability, rollout, transfer and upscaling. Users re-establish social networks, embrace local cultural identity and become shielded against mental disorders and contemporary urban stress factors.



CUP 4 CREATIVITY delivers a previously untested urban level solution to digital loneliness and stimulation of dormant creativity, introducing a new cultural community facilitator
role of the Municipality. Újbuda’s innovative community development track record and established cultural scene qualifies MUA as the project’s lead partner. The
respective competencies of its specialized institutions (KÖZPONT KFT and SMART11) allow sharing of cultural networking and service/content development, as well as IT development responsibilities. Acknowledged cultural and urban development NGOs of Újbuda (EBLOKK, KULT11, KÉK) effectively interface with stakeholders. Knowledge partners (POPCODE, SOART, MEET, BURST) involve high-level capabilities in platform solutions, community co-design, social-innovation-driven communication, and integrated business planning. MU Theatre, ALLEE, and BTEL allow experimenting with non-conventional partners, venues or audiences to be involved into an urban cultural platform.


BURST experts took part in developing the project idea together with MUA, in the first half of 2019. BURST’s key contributions included designing the monitoring
actions and set of indicators, together with KÉK, and all Business case and operational & sustainability framework activities in WP6, but it was also responsible to
build a solid thematic and methodological foundation for the project, and providing thematic supervision over the project development specialist subcontracted by MUA.

During the project’ implementation, BURST delivers partner-level management activities, provides content for programme communication, transfer and upscaling activities, as well as partner-level content and supports MEET in the preparation of a Creative Concept Guide.
BURST also provides a Creative Supervisor for the Creative Board and supports program and content development, and co-manages monitoring, moderation,and validation actions.

Moreover, BURST provides creative supervision of Art&Tech Centre and manages Business case and operational & sustainability framework.


Petra Madaras-Horogh

+36 20 269 9717

36 months, starting in July 2020