Circular water treatment in large-scale buildings – a good practice technology guide

At BURST we already started diving into the topic of sustainable water management: we brought you a material discussing comprehensive solutions to the global water crisis in theory, and also interviewed a research organisation on the palette of nature based solutions for managing water scarcity and on the prospects of using them in the public […]

Moving forward with the power of art

The above sentence is the slogan of the ForwArt project of Tilburg city, which ambitions to make art as the source of empowerment and development. Indeed, this Urban Innovative Action project offers young people growing up in the area of Tilburg Nord a better future by unfolding their talents, by widening their opportunities, and supporting […]

Act up for biodiversity – a fusion of technology and the ingenuity of bees

One year ago we introduced you to the UPSURGE project, tackling the loss of biodiversity and climate change by promoting Nature Based Solutions in urban environment. Let’s see the project’s progress after 1 year, and get acquainted with one of the partners on top of BURST: the BeeOdiversity enterprise and their work. Let’s refresh our […]

People-powered services: a new model for running social services in the 21st century

Social services are under increased pressure due to an ageing population, a pressure that is increased in times of crisis. Meanwhile, civil society and democratic participation in local communities are in decline. An innovative social service model, the so-called people-powered services aim to solve problems. Burst’s own Ferenc Szigeti, former lead expert of the Urbact […]

Response to the migration flow from Ukraine in Budapest, Hungary

Migration has been on the EU agenda since the beginning of the 2010s, but Europe has been involved on a different level since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine on 24th February. Thousands of refugees have been arriving to the neighbouring countries’, putting the social system under pressure in an unprecedented way. What is […]

Beyond sewage: an Italian research organisation’s quest to use NBS for greywater

As weather is getting more and more extreme, more and more areas in the world (including much of Europe) experience more and more drought events. However, much of the water we have at our disposal is wasted – both greywater (i.e., non-contaminated household waste water) and rainwater, currently usually disposed of. The question is, could […]

Leading the change with transition management

Societies need to be steered towards sustainable ways of living, because our current way of consumption, energy use, coliving with nature and each other is not viable – there is no debate on that. The debate lies very much in the way of achieving this: the transition approach argues that we need to let go […]